How to do seo for free – ecommerce

zero budget seo

Chances are you have no budget for professional SEO. You might have read a few blogs or even got some quotes from Fiverr. But in reality SEO is not as difficult as you might think. We have a range of resources that can help you build your blog, get traffic and target your audience.  Use […]

3 Best affiliate marketing programs for beginners [2022]

best affiliate programs for beginners

Starting out in affiliate marketing can be daunting. Creating a blog from scratch is one thing but then the task is to monetize it. That is where it can be hard. However there are some tools that can help you generate an income. Pick the programs suited to you Jumping into monetization, you can hit […]

PLR ebooks which You Can Resell – 12,590 in total

plr ebook collection

If you are new to affiliate marketing or have a new blog, then this is a great tool for you. This offer has over 12,590+ PLR Products. PLR means Private Label Rights. You get to sell the ebook, change th cover the contents, everything. You then get all the profits. The ebooks for sale on […]

The best WordPress gig on fiverr – look no further

best wordpress gig on fiverr

They often say that you pay a professional to do something because they can do it in a fraction of the time. They have also made more mistakes than you have had attempts. Freelancers can make a difference With that said, building a wordpress website is not as difficult as you might think. Now learning […]

Ted McGrath mini course review

This review of Ted’s products is really about delving in and seeing what it actually entails from a marketing perspective and if is is a scam or value. In essence this is one of those courses that shows you how to sell a course. Now Ted McGrath is pretty active on social media and in […]

All-in-One SEO Tools Suite for SEO Agencies

SEO agency tools suite

Serped has a magnitude of slick and comprehensive tools that allow you as a content creator, to engineer content at the click of a button. Rather than the usual free resources, this is aimed at agencies with a powerful set of tools. Their tools include a Keyword Researcher, SEO analysis, Site management, Rank management, Client […]

The ultimate long-tail keywords finders for 2022

long-tail keywords guide

Long-tail keywords might be something you are not familiar with or have heard of. Either way, they can help make your website visible on search engines such as google. So that are they? With long-tail keywords, use your standard keywords as pillars. The word ‘iphone case’ is very hard term broad keyword. But ‘Incredible hulk […]

Keyword research for free – quick guide [2022]


Let’s start with where your keywords need to be. You can use this to see how your page compares. In this guide we are researching outdoor pizza ovens. So we need to find out what customers are searching for. There are a few ways you can do this for free. Google is a good place […]

Best free recaptcha alternative wordpress

recaptcha alternative

We all know that spam and bots can be very annoying for WordPress websites. WPForms is one of the most popular plugins with millions of downloads. This makes it particularly popular with fellow wordpress users and the simplicity of it even more so. If you have heard of WPForms, then these are the same people […]

Why you shouldn’t buy traffic from fiverr


Marketplaces such as allow you to buy traffic from sellers to your website. The offers can be very attractive. Choose the amount of traffic, which country and over a set period. This is especially inviting if you have a brand new website, ecommerce store or blog. You are looking to generate traffic and maybe […]