No restriction PLR pack

digital products

The Article Master series is very popular, they offer no restriction PLR packs. Over the years many people have found this useful, even me! If you want to use content or digital products to sell on your blog, then PLRs are a great way to do this. Here is some of the sales pitch: Are […]

Beginner’s ClickBank Tutorial – FAST Way To $100/Day

clickbank traffic

This is a fantastic video that explains the basics of ClickBank and how you can make the most of this channel. It shows you the fastest way to make $100 per day. There are no real “secrets” so ignore anything about that. But what we love about this video is the fact that it is […]

Discover 1.5 Million Niches You Never Knew Were Profitable!

micro niche affiliate marketing

We have partnered with to bring you this one-time purchase concept that allows you to untapped potential. Put simply, avoid the mistakes most businesses make, by not understanding their customer base. I have talked about this before in my previous blogs. This product shows you what your prospects are looking for that can further […]

Best ways to get an audience for affiliate marketing – for beginners

affiliate marketing for beginners

Starting out in affiliate marketing can be a daunting challenge. Not least because of the research and the avenues of information you will travel to get to your chosen destination. Below is a list of the best ways to get an audience. Choose a profitable niche, know the audience, stick with products you know and […]

4 popular niches for affiliate marketing

affiliate marketing niche finding

Finding your niche is a critical first step. Visitors to your ads or blog are looking for a solution to a problem. They can also be looking for a better life, better prospects or a new interest. For years there has always been safe niches. Love, health and wealth. That hasn’t really changed but as […]

5 free sources of traffic for affiliate marketing – Beginners guide

In order to get free traffic in the first place, you need to make it easy to find. Sounds easy, but there is a bit more to it. Having your website live, looking great is one thing, but nobody will find it if you have not got the fundamentals of SEO, backlinks, keyword density and […]

Do you need a blog website for affiliate marketing in 2021?

how to start a blog

Affiliate marketing is a lucrative and growing industry. There are so many niches, micro niches that can be tapped into to generate an income. People have been doing it for years and very successfully. If you are a beginner and wanting to try it yourself, well now is the chance. Arme with some good quality […]