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About me

My name is Jim and I have been working in marketing my entire career. From starting as a graphic designer, through to a web designer and then onto search marketing and SEO. 

In that time I have seen the shape of the internet change and with my experience in working on every aspect, I have learned a trick or two. Having worked with household brands, sportswear companies, large multinational insurance companies and famous American motorcycle brands, I have a vast experience of what I do.

I am bringing you my knowledge. Over the past 10 years I have been working on affiliate marketing. In that time I have built up and sold many websites in a range of niches that I am passionate about. I love creating new websites, writing copy and watching them grow.

Don’t fall for the false information that there is out there. The loooong magnet pages and lack of good quality information is plentiful. There are many gurus out there who will show you just how much money they have and fancy cars. Well the fact is, it might well be true, but chances are they did not do that overnight. Affiliate marketing is for the long game. Let me show you how.