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The ultimate long-tail keywords finders for 2022

long-tail keywords guide

Long-tail keywords play an important part in attracting search results by just changing a few things. We have a list of the ultimate tools to help you find them.

Long-tail keywords might be something you are not familiar with or have heard of. Either way, they can help make your website visible on search engines such as google. So that are they?

With long-tail keywords, use your standard keywords as pillars. The word ‘iphone case’ is very hard term broad keyword. But ‘Incredible hulk iphone 13 case’ then you have a very different search altogether.

Long-tail keywords often have less traffic, but you are using one common word throughout the process. You are using that keyword as a benchmark that will better refine your search criteria, making it appeal more to search engines and help a visitor to your website get the result they wanted.

Also try to use the keywords to answer questions. Long-tail keywords work well as part of a question. You must know the feeling you get when you stumble upon a question that you have too? Many of these tools include a questions feature, so if you are looking for a method to create long-tail keywords, then make sure they have them.

You can see here, that Google gives some ideas on what people are searching for. So elaborate on them, see how you can make a blog post, social media post or product page that is centered around these search terms.

keyword searcher

So how do you find these long-tail keywords?

Well there are many way to do this and involve various amounts of time. Keyword Tool is a platform that helps you find the keywords required. You do have to pay to reveal them, but the principle is very easy. It also help you with questions, this gives you even more insight for what visitors are actually looking for.

Useful tools – free and paid

Wordstream is also another tool to help.There are tools that help with facebook and social media to create the best keywords suited to your search criteria. 

One of the best tools is the Keyword Researcher. The autocomplete feature is a great idea that bolts on to reveal what customers are looking for. The easy to use interface also helps, creating those long-tail keywords.

Ubersuggest is another big player and the advantage of it is that you can purchase a lifetime licence. Ubersuggest also uses, like many of the tools, a variety of search tools from Semrush etc. Combining all these metrics makes for a very effective and robust tool.


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All-in-One SEO Tools Suite for SEO Agencies

Serped has a magnitude of slick and comprehensive tools that allow you as a content creator, to engineer content at the click of a button.

Their tools include a Keyword Researcher, SEO analysis, Site management, Rank management, Client Acquisition and Reporting. That is not all. You can use this as an SEO professional to do all the hard work for you.

There are over 40 tools that will help monitor your activity. They can help you dominate your SERP and help grow traffic. The Keyword research tools is a powerful method of directly working with Google and Bing to deliver accurate results and recommendations.

We all know that backlinks and further analytics are important. That is why they have another tool to help your off-site ranking. The backlinks are audited and the analysis to where this is the perfect fit is done for you.

Domain research

You can also integrate a method to research domain names across the world’s leading marketplaces. Search for those domains that hold authoritative values. This tool helps you find them in a central way, built in to your dashboard.


This is also an important part of the process. What this tool does is help send you a report of how well your social signals and search engine results are performing. It stitches in with leading SEO tools so it is doing a lot of the work for you. You can also collaborate with teams and find the perfect fit for your campaigns.

order here




Why you shouldn’t buy traffic from fiverr

Marketplaces such as allow you to buy traffic from sellers to your website. The offers can be very attractive. Choose the amount of traffic, which country and over a set period. This is especially inviting if you have a brand new website, ecommerce store or blog. You are looking to generate traffic and maybe some sales too.

As we all know, getting a solid amount of organic traffic to your website takes time, it takes preparation and some knowledge on how to do it. But that frustration can lead to trying marketplace websites that offer traffic. It can be over a period of time.

How does it work?

What I have found is that these gigs will offer you traffic to your website. All they need is your url and a couple of days, then, you get traffic. You will see a sudden rise in traffic that can be seen on analytics.

So I bought a gig on Fiverr that would promise 300 visitors on a specific day. The price was around $5 and the next day, it happened. I used a small website that I own that is in the fitness niche.

The traffic suddenly appeared and happened at around 4pm then tapered off. Below is a screenshot of the direct visits from this gig.

fiverr stats


The majority for the visits were direct and 38 organic that was genuine daily traffic. It would seem that the total from this gig was 322, more than stated.


fiverr stats


Even more perplexing is that there were 800 page views. This is also another sign that the traffic is really not what it seems. The data simply can’t be right and not a true representation of how a relatively small amount of traffic should act.



But was this good quality traffic? No. They did not visit any other pages, it was just the homepage. The average duration was 10 seconds. If that was good quality genuine traffic, then it would be different, especially if they were interested in the niche of this website.

If you are familiar with analytics, this is easy to digest and find out. There were no patterns to the direct traffic and noticeably sudden. What’s more, the vast amount of traffic that came through was from smartphones. So there must be a bot factory with hundreds of mobiles set up looking at the traffic. There is software that allows them to do an action such as visit a url.

Is it a scam?

Well technically not. They did deliver the traffic as promised, and although nothing happened that is what was paid for. I very much doubt they will advertise their service as “Bot traffic to your site”, because nobody would buy it. So in reality, it is a scam as they are not real people and you are not getting anything of any value. For the gig owner, it is a formality of typing in a few urls, likely for a small fee that is lower that what you paid, sometimes by a large amount.
Sudden traffic like this does not exist.

The truth about organic referral traffic

Instant traffic like this that is genuine is only valid if, for example you have a link on a major website. Say you are selling Apple phones. If you have a link on the Apple website straight to your website, then yes, you will get instant traffic. Realistically though, that is not going to happen. So unless these sellers can legitimise where the traffic is coming from, stay clear.

There might be sellers who will add a link to a very popular blog or news website that fits your niche, but be careful. Google is very good at sniffing out these kinds of websites. Buying links is a no no per se. So if you do want to get lots of traffic, do it the right way. Improve your content, use social media and tell the world about it. SEO is kind of a full time job, so take the time and effort into building your traffic.

Fundamentally, look at the longer term picture. Are website that link to you going to give constant traffic? How well linked are they? Be cautious where you link your website and check for these factors.

search traffi c fiverr



Fiverr is a great place to order tasks. But if you want to buy traffic, don’t do it, save your time. This was clearly bot traffic. Designed to just show up on your analytics, it is in no way targeted in any way. I was not asked what niche it was nor anything about the website. So really, $5 or whatever you pay, is simply not worth it. All you are doing in this case that I found, is getting traffic from bots. This does nothing for your site, it will not improve your organic reach and certainly not generate sales or interest.

What made me sad is the fact that the reviews of this product were filled with hopeful website owners who were saying the results were great and they are yet to see any sales come from it. I wish they had read a blog post like this.





5 free sources of traffic for affiliate marketing – Beginners guide

In order to get free traffic in the first place, you need to make it easy to find. Sounds easy, but there is a bit more to it. Having your website live, looking great is one thing, but nobody will find it if you have not got the fundamentals of SEO, backlinks, keyword density and good old fashioned high quality content.

Content through the power of SEO

For those who are not familiar with SEO, it is essentially a series of best practices. These methods have been tested over time to rank on search engines. What search engines look for is good quality content, backlinks, page speed and how relevant the content is. There are hundreds of factors behind it, but focus on the core.
Your blog titles, headings and images should all be carefully curated to mirror what people are searching for. Write your content naturally, write it in a way that is interesting, to the point and accurate. Make sure you have a good building block to your website first.


  • Make your headings and title what people are searching for
  • Write a naturally flowing blog article
  • Make sure you have a fast loading web page
  • build links from other relevant websites
  • Link to other pages on your website
  • Update your website with new fresh content regularly


These are just some of the factors that are worth taking into consideration when writing for a blog, ecommerce page or a landing page. The more you add to your website, the wider you can cast your fishing net.


Social media

This again covers a wide range and a whole subject in itself. Of course you can buy traffic through paid ads, but free traffic comes down to making a slick presentation. How you deliver your message really comes down to how it is projected rather than the production value. SO expensive cameras and props might be favourable, it is not essential. The only real cost is the time, editing and uploading. It might also be worth creating a script or a general plan of regular posts.


TikTok is a booming slice of the pie and the demographic is younger. The platform has a number of helpful tools and if you are not familiar, it is worth testing. The short nature makes it ideal for affiliate marketing.


Instagram is a staple part of the social realm and whilst it also has a solid advertising platform, the reach is surprisingly high if you have an already growing number of followers. Getting followers is one thing, but interactions is the most important part. The more frequent you are with the posts and stories, the more likely key people are going to see your posts.


  • Be regular with posts
  • Create stories that engage
  • Aim to get engagement such as polls


Pinterest is a visual way of getting shares and likes. A great method for getting attention is uploading infographics or inspirational quotes, particularly useful for fitness affiliates. They have various options for paid advertising, but you can still get an audience by just adding regular pins and make them visually attractive.


  • Create visually attractive posts and images
  • Make your offer stand out


Twitter is a great way to get attention by commenting and following people you think are your customer demographic. Find a similar website/blog to yours, a rival if you like. Go to their list of followers and follow them. You would be surprised how many follow back. See which ones follow back and see the kind of other accounts they follow. Within those might be other similar twitter users who are looking for the same thing.


  • Follow similar twitter handle followers
  • Like, share and follow your target audiences
  • Be regular
  • Ask questions so you can encourage engagements


Sit down, get comfortable and spend the evening doing this. The ratio of followers back of starts to jump after a while. Over the next few days simply unfollow anybody that does not follow you back.



This website is a powerhouse for content and ranks well. If you post something that is interesting, provokes an answer and is in the right part of the website, then the response rate is great. WIth the amount of questions already on there, sometimes it can be hard to post something original but so your research and add in your affiliate link so see how well it does.


  • Share experiences
  • Gain interest by asking what people think of the product you are sharing
  • Answer questions from other users
  • Follow people that fit your audience



Now this is a channel that has millions upon millions of videos, subscribers content creators and resources. Creating a channel and uploading your visual styles takes minutes and you can start uploading straight away. Once you do, the algorithm will start picking up viewers and with your links in the description, is a great link for free traffic.


Vlog youtube


There are several things you need in order to make successful youtube videos:


  • Keep consistent – upload videos regularly
  • Good quality content – ensure you have the right things to say
  • Write a detailed description
  • Share links and list your social media channels
  • Make the video interesting
  • Create an eye-catching thumbnail


Collaborate with influencers

Ok, you might have to offer them something for free. But who thought an influencer would be a thing? Well it has been happening for many years. Influencers come in the form of athletes, movie stars, tv chefs and politicians to name but a few. So it is nothing new. But now we have so many more channels of interest. Youtube, TikTok, Instagram, these channels can work in the favor of the most successful influencers.


Influrncrr affiliate marketing


Working with them means you have an audience that watches, engages and more importantly gain trust of their followers. What they say, wear, eat, watch, travel to or even recommend is valuable to any brand. They know it too, some of the biggest influencers can charge huge fees. But if you choose an influencer that can work with you by offering a free product in return for a review, then this is a small outlay. Not completely free, unless you know them well enough.


  • Offer something for free
  • Get as much exposure as you can
  • Set up tracking on your page to see how many come through



There are many sources of free traffic. There will be some work required and some research. Being able to target your audience, understand what they want to know is essential. Social media is a great source, but not the only one. Organic traffic is a great investment for the future, and overtime will be worth it.

The stand out is Youtube and is worth investing time and resources into it. The reach is good and over time, just like organic traffic, it will get better.

Like all of these methods, you will need to spend some time and research on your content and how you offer your links back. This won’t happen over night, however this is an important step in making your content easier to find for search engines.

One fundamental thing to consider is the quality of your content. Originality and relevance fall under the umbrella of quality content. So before you try any of these channels, make sure you have the quality to back it up. 


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