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Do you need a blog website for affiliate marketing in 2021?

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Are you at that point where you might need a website for your affiliate marketing journey, but don't know if you should invest?

Affiliate marketing is a lucrative and growing industry. There are so many niches, micro niches that can be tapped into to generate an income. People have been doing it for years and very successfully. If you are a beginner and wanting to try it yourself, well now is the chance. Arme with some good quality advice, you too can generate income from the comfort of your chair.

So, do you need a website for affiliate marketing? You don’t have to have a website, certainly not. BUT having a website gives you more opportunities and organic traffic. Let’s look at some scenarios of having or not having a website and how this can affect your affiliate marketing empire.

Having no website

Ok, so you have a bunch of links from clickbank and JVZoo, you might also have some links from other affiliate networks. Now you need to promote them to a targeted audience. Let’s say you have social media followers, twitter followers and a few emails too. The main issue of having no website is that you don’t have a permanent place to promote your links. Yes you could use linktree or the bio of Instagram, but this is not really user friendly. You need a way to capture email address, contact information. This is something you can’t always get with social media.

Having a website

If you have a website, like wordpress. You can add in many features that allows you to record information. Gaining visitor information is critical. This is the only way that you can target and record visitors who are interested in what you are trying to sell or share information about.

So back to the question again, do you need a website? Well no you don’t, but if you do have one you will be able to record information, capture data and build an idea of who is interested in what you are saying.

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AFFILIATE DISCLAIMER: Our blog posts may contain links where we earn commission when readers purchase through these links. We make every effort to ensure the quality of the links is high. However whatever you invest you may not get back and we are not responsible for any losses as a result. Sucesses depend on the effort put in and willingness to continue. We do not share get rich schemes. Information was correct at the time of publishing.

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Best free recaptcha alternative wordpress

We all know that spam and bots can be very annoying for WordPress websites. WPForms is one of the most popular plugins with millions of downloads. This makes it particularly popular with fellow wordpress users and the simplicity of it even more so. If you have heard of WPForms, then these are the same people behind it.

The great feature of WPForms recaptcha add on is that it can easily be integrated with your wordpress website. A few simple clicks and away you go.

What are the plans?

WPForms has 4 plans started from just $39.50 per year and all of the plans allow you to create unlimited custom captcha forms on WordPress. It is really good value for something that is going to be vital to your business. As mentioned before, once your website starts to gain traction, it is a worthwhile addition to your plugin essentials.

Watch the WPForms video

Beginner’s ClickBank Tutorial – FAST Way To $100/Day

This is a fantastic video that explains the basics of ClickBank and how you can make the most of this channel. It shows you the fastest way to make $100 per day. There are no real “secrets” so ignore anything about that. But what we love about this video is the fact that it is so EASY to follow.

As always, this takes time. Don’t listen to anyone who says you make money fast. If that was the case, everyone would be doing it right now. Being consistent with social media, YouTube blogs etc is the key to making it a success.

Why not try this method of getting traffic, it is really useful





The 3 best SEO wordpress plugins for affiliate marketing – beginners guide

You might have heard lots about SEO and the essential tool it is for websites. Armed with it, you can start ranking quicker than you think. But SEO is not as mysterious as you might think. Really, SEO is just best practices and joining all the dots. Sure, you know that the better quality content you have the more chance you have of showing in google search results. But what about visualising how effective your content? How do you check your content and improve it?

That is where SEO plugins are very useful for WordPress websites. Not only are some of them free for a lot of their features, they can also point out things that you might not have been aware of. Things like passive voice, correct headings, paragraph length and consecutive sentences. These are all factors that google and other search engines take into consideration. They actively look for these features and use them as flags to indicate whether or not it would be helpful as part of the customer search.

You see, google wants the user to have the best experience and that is done by finding the best results as quickly as possible. With that info, what kind of plugin do you need for your wordpress website? Here are our top 3 plugins.

Aioseo SEO plugin

aioseo plugin

This is a very popular plugin, well reviewed and trusted by many users across the globe. It boasts many features. The options vary but you pay from $49 to $299 a year depending on the features that you want to include. These features are things like breadcrumbs and unlimited breadcrumbs.



yoast seo

This is a very popular plugin with owners of wordpress websites. Yoast boats easy to use traffic light style systems that tells you how your content is working for you. You can easily integrate it with elementor for example allowing you to use all the features it has. There is a free version and this for most, has more than enough features to get your content working for you.


SEO Press

This is another good plugin for WordPress. The free version has lots of features of use for the beginner. Like most of them it is pretty straightforward and the paid version is a bit cheaper than the rest of the plugins. It is one to check out.




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