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Beginner’s ClickBank Tutorial – FAST Way To $100/Day

clickbank traffic

You might have read all kinds of things about ClickBank and how easy it can be to make money. Don't do anything until you watch this video.

This is a fantastic video that explains the basics of ClickBank and how you can make the most of this channel. It shows you the fastest way to make $100 per day. There are no real “secrets” so ignore anything about that. But what we love about this video is the fact that it is so EASY to follow.

As always, this takes time. Don’t listen to anyone who says you make money fast. If that was the case, everyone would be doing it right now. Being consistent with social media, YouTube blogs etc is the key to making it a success.

Why not try this method of getting traffic, it is really useful





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3 Best affiliate marketing programs for beginners [2022]

Starting out in affiliate marketing can be daunting. Creating a blog from scratch is one thing but then the task is to monetize it. That is where it can be hard. However there are some tools that can help you generate an income.

Pick the programs suited to you

Jumping into monetization, you can hit a few hurdles along the way. Be sure to pick an affiliate program that works for you. There are all kinds of big ticket links out there and as tempting as they are, try to find smaller affiliates links.

As a new blogger, you need to build up traffic, build up a professional website to match. The affiliate managers of websites want to see blogs that are more likely to yield a better return. The fact is that blogging can take around 12 months to get the real full effect.

Let’s look at the affiliate programs for beginner affiliate marketers.

amazon associates

Amazon Associates

This is a heavy weight when it comes to ecommerce. They have branched out into way too many industries to name. If you have a blog about a niche, chances are Amazon stocks items relating to it.

To get onto their program, you need to have an Amazon account. Most of us do, so this is a good start.

Being a global operation, the affiliate program from Amazon is down to the country. But there are many tools that allow you to push the link to the country of the blog visitor. 

One of the best tools is AAWP which lets you organise those affiliate links. The country issue is no longer a problem and the visitor will seamlessly go to their corresponding country Amazon website.

awin logo


This is a personal favourite and full of great affiliates to work with. The industries are vast, but you will be able to find something that will work for you. The great thing about Awin is the usability of the website, you can navigate through all the niches and list them via their acceptance rate.

You can clearly see just like Amazon, how your clicks are doing. With over 8000 vendors, you can be sure to have one business that will sign you up.

The approval rate is something to consider. Much like choosing campaigns, some of the vendors can be choosy on who gets a link. There are however some of them who have a 100% acceptance rate. 

When you do ask for permission it is worth having a good initial wording on why you should be considered.

fiverr logo


Fiverr is a firm favourite for millions of people. Anything from logo design, web design, translations, virtual assistant, the lists are endless. With a rating system and feedback, it has become a safe place to use.

Blogging and using Fiverr as an affiliate is an effective way of getting attention for your blog. As a blogger you can write about your experiences, the benefits, particular gigs and guides on how to sell gigs. It is a really popular search term and worth considering. Signing up is easy too, plus the referrals can be huge!

fiverr logo design

The best WordPress gig on fiverr – look no further

They often say that you pay a professional to do something because they can do it in a fraction of the time. They have also made more mistakes than you have had attempts.

Freelancers can make a difference

With that said, building a wordpress website is not as difficult as you might think. Now learning how to code, servers etc might come into it, but if you have little time, a Fiverr gig is worth every penny. When considering a new wordpress website, chances are you want to concentrate on what you do best, rather than the formalities of coding.

Learning it, trouble shooting and testing for mobiles devices, these tasks can be long. A good developer will also be able to recommend plugins, themes and workarounds that can help fix your problem. They might even help you with basic SEO advice.

fiverr logo design

For years I have been using the same developer on Fiverr. I have been using Fiverr practically since it started. In that time I have got bitten a few times but now have a trusty group of developers, writers, analysts, artists and voice artists.

Best WordPress developer on Fiverr

For web development, and the answer to who is the best gig on Fiverr, well I certainly look no further. Atik is a developer that is by far the best I have worked with and is very efficient. Atik takes the time to understand your project and suggest ideas. The best wordpress gig on Fiverr gig is here, and there you can find all kinds of gigs that he is able to work on.







When working with a developer for the first time on Fiverr, here are a few points.

Be descriptive and precise

As with many developers, they will do what you ask but not always think outside the box because this is your project.

Appreciate that communication might be challenging with language barriers

Many developers and certainly the one I use, speak very good English. But sometimes with anyone who is not a native speaker, can get things the wrong way round. But drawings, visuals, examples all help get the point across. To be honest, I have not had any issues with language, but worth considering if you want to try and explain something complicated.




Keyword research for free – quick guide [2022]

Let’s start with where your keywords need to be. You can use this to see how your page compares. In this guide we are researching outdoor pizza ovens. So we need to find out what customers are searching for. There are a few ways you can do this for free. Google is a good place to start. As any customer would do, they normally search for a short search term like this. That usually means that they don’t really know what they want, brands, types or prices.

google search bar

Google can give us some clues based on what popular searches are for this product. For example, if we go further down the page we can see some results that indicate what visitors are looking for.

search results for bbq

What this is telling us is that customers often try searching again for more specific results such as ‘stone pizza oven’ ‘aldi pizza oven’ wood fired pizza ovens’ and ‘best outdoor pizza oven’. Does your content have these alternate keywords included?

Include these keywords in a smart way. Don’t just put them into the content where they are forced, this is called keyword stuffing – Google has been wise to this for many years. Instead, find out which of these is more important for your content. You might not stock all these items, so it is worth filtering out the ones that are relevant to you, relevance plays a big part of SEO. There are many plugins that can help you with this, so worth a try.

Use them as headings or key part of your content

The keyword ‘best outdoor pizza oven’ would make a perfect blog article. You can structure a blog article on 5,8 or 10 of the best outdoor pizzas. Have a link in your product page to this blog, it is relevant. You can also compare this product to other products that you have. This makes for a great piece of reading for the customer. There might be features that your customer is looking, is your competitor doing this?

Back to the search for the keywords, if you click the search bar in google, you can also find similar search questions plus a few more (below). This is all based entirely on customer searches and is updated automatically. This is a good building block to see just how far you can drill down to capitalize on your keywords.

search bar google







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