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The 3 best SEO wordpress plugins for affiliate marketing – beginners guide

best plusings for affilaite marketing

Getting the best out of your SEO for wordpress is essential. We who you the top 3 seo plugins that can help transform your content.

You might have heard lots about SEO and the essential tool it is for websites. Armed with it, you can start ranking quicker than you think. But SEO is not as mysterious as you might think. Really, SEO is just best practices and joining all the dots. Sure, you know that the better quality content you have the more chance you have of showing in google search results. But what about visualising how effective your content? How do you check your content and improve it?

That is where SEO plugins are very useful for WordPress websites. Not only are some of them free for a lot of their features, they can also point out things that you might not have been aware of. Things like passive voice, correct headings, paragraph length and consecutive sentences. These are all factors that google and other search engines take into consideration. They actively look for these features and use them as flags to indicate whether or not it would be helpful as part of the customer search.

You see, google wants the user to have the best experience and that is done by finding the best results as quickly as possible. With that info, what kind of plugin do you need for your wordpress website? Here are our top 3 plugins.

Aioseo SEO plugin

aioseo plugin

This is a very popular plugin, well reviewed and trusted by many users across the globe. It boasts many features. The options vary but you pay from $49 to $299 a year depending on the features that you want to include. These features are things like breadcrumbs and unlimited breadcrumbs.



yoast seo

This is a very popular plugin with owners of wordpress websites. Yoast boats easy to use traffic light style systems that tells you how your content is working for you. You can easily integrate it with elementor for example allowing you to use all the features it has. There is a free version and this for most, has more than enough features to get your content working for you.


SEO Press

This is another good plugin for WordPress. The free version has lots of features of use for the beginner. Like most of them it is pretty straightforward and the paid version is a bit cheaper than the rest of the plugins. It is one to check out.



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The best WordPress gig on fiverr – look no further

They often say that you pay a professional to do something because they can do it in a fraction of the time. They have also made more mistakes than you have had attempts.

Freelancers can make a difference

With that said, building a wordpress website is not as difficult as you might think. Now learning how to code, servers etc might come into it, but if you have little time, a Fiverr gig is worth every penny. When considering a new wordpress website, chances are you want to concentrate on what you do best, rather than the formalities of coding.

Learning it, trouble shooting and testing for mobiles devices, these tasks can be long. A good developer will also be able to recommend plugins, themes and workarounds that can help fix your problem.

fiverr logo design

For years I have been using the same developer on Fiverr. I have been using Fiverr practically since it started. In that time I have got bitten a few times but now have a trusty group of developers, writers, analysts, artists and voice artists.

Best WordPress developer on Fiverr

For web development, and the answer to who is the best gig on Fiverr, well I certainly look no further. Atik is a developer that is by far the best I have worked with and is very efficient. Atik takes the time to understand your project and suggest ideas. His gig page is here, and there you can find all kinds of gigs that he is able to work on.





When working with a developer for the first time on Fiverr, here are a few points.

Be descriptive and precise

As with many developers, they will do what you ask but not always think outside the box because this is your project.

Appreciate that communication might be challenging with language barriers

Many developers and certainly the one I use, speak very good English. But sometimes with anyone who is not a native speaker, can get things the wrong way round. But drawings, visuals, examples all help get the point across. To be honest, I have not had any issues with language, but worth considering if you want to try and explain something complicated.




Keyword research for free – quick guide [2022]

Let’s start with where your keywords need to be. You can use this to see how your page compares. In this guide we are researching outdoor pizza ovens. So we need to find out what customers are searching for. There are a few ways you can do this for free. Google is a good place to start. As any customer would do, they normally search for a short search term like this. That usually means that they don’t really know what they want, brands, types or prices.

google search bar

Google can give us some clues based on what popular searches are for this product. For example, if we go further down the page we can see some results that indicate what visitors are looking for.

search results for bbq

What this is telling us is that customers often try searching again for more specific results such as ‘stone pizza oven’ ‘aldi pizza oven’ wood fired pizza ovens’ and ‘best outdoor pizza oven’. Does your content have these alternate keywords included?

Include these keywords in a smart way. Don’t just put them into the content where they are forced, this is called keyword stuffing – Google has been wise to this for many years. Instead, find out which of these is more important for your content. You might not stock all these items, so it is worth filtering out the ones that are relevant to you, relevance plays a big part of SEO.

Use them as headings or key part of your content

The keyword ‘best outdoor pizza oven’ would make a perfect blog article. You can structure a blog article on 5,8 or 10 of the best outdoor pizzas. Have a link in your product page to this blog, it is relevant. You can also compare this product to other products that you have. This makes for a great piece of reading for the customer. There might be features that your customer is looking, is your competitor doing this?

Back to the search for the keywords, if you click the search bar in google, you can also find similar search questions plus a few more (below). This is all based entirely on customer searches and is updated automatically. This is a good building block to see just how far you can drill down to capitalize on your keywords.

search bar google


zero budget seo




Best free recaptcha alternative wordpress

We all know that spam and bots can be very annoying for WordPress websites. WPForms is one of the most popular plugins with millions of downloads. This makes it particularly popular with fellow wordpress users and the simplicity of it even more so. If you have heard of WPForms, then these are the same people behind it.

The great feature of WPForms recaptcha add on is that it can easily be integrated with your wordpress website. A few simple clicks and away you go.

What are the plans?

WPForms has 4 plans started from just $39.50 per year and all of the plans allow you to create unlimited custom captcha forms on WordPress. It is really good value for something that is going to be vital to your business. As mentioned before, once your website starts to gain traction, it is a worthwhile addition to your plugin essentials.

Watch the WPForms video


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