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2 easy steps to find your affiliate marketing niche

niche tips for affilaite marketing

Making that initial step of your journey into affiliate marketing all starts from identifying something that you can write or talk about for hours. The more passionate you are about the niche, the more you will attract visitors.

Creating facebook ads is easy, but knowing who to target is very different. It is not difficult, but it can take time. This investment of time is very much worth it in the long run. Affiliate marketing is all about the long game and if you start the process from the ground up with some simple steps, it will make it easier further down the road.

But before you start figuring out the action plan, there are two steps you can take that will help you see if your chosen affiliate idea is going to work. This is based on how much you know about it which in turn can help others. The other is about finding out about these people, how similar they are to you and what you can offer them that helps solve a problem. This problem could be the same as yours. If so, that helps!

Step 1 – The one hour challenge

Choose a couple of subjects you might be interested in (or one). Now set a timer for 1 hour and start writing a beginners guide of that subject. You have one hour to write 2000 words.

This tip is a great way of showing just how much you know and can share about your niche. Write it down as if you are explaining it to someone who knows nothing about it but needs it to be simple.

The purpose of this is to show yourself how much you can write down and be passionate about it. If you know the subject inside out, then 2000 words is easy. If you are struggling or can’t get past 400 words, then you might not be a fast typer. That is not a problem, but try and write 2000 words as soon as you can, even if it is a whole evening.

I have done this myself and wrote as much as I could in an hour and managed 2600 words. I still had lots to go. But what this told me is that I have a passion for it. Writing might not be your strong point and you might look at getting a writer to help, but try the exercise and see for yourself.

affiliate marketing research

Step 2 – Do your research

Using a spreadsheet, note down the type of person (or persona) that make up your target audience. This can be the type of problems they have, the things they want to know, types of products they need and how often they want to know or buy. For this example we will use organic dog treats.

Customer goals

What are their goals? The customer wants to know more about organic, natural dog treats. They want to find the best ones, cheapest but also best value. They want to find the right place and maybe see some reviews.


They could be expensive, hard to find, no big brands, not available in the supermarket. These frustrations should mirror your own. You might have found the perfect solution and people, like you, are itching to find out! Getting people to join the dots is part of your job and knowing what they are is the pathway to finding success.

  • Might be price
  • Lack of supply
  • Expensive shipping



The customer likes to be organic, have their dog eat natural, safe treats that are tasty and make them healthy. They are fed up with bad treats that are not good for dogs or are full of preservatives.


They are likely to have a mobile, ipad, laptop and they might use them during the day or lunchtime. They will use the weekends to search for the treats, walk the dog and generally be healthy.


They will no doubt be healthy themselves. Enjoy walking, be friendly to talk to and enjoy spending their time outdoors. They will also have friends that have dogs and might share the same values on organic or healthy dog treats. 

  • Buy some dog owner magazines
  • Join some forums, facebook groups
  • Speak with friends who have dogs. Learn more about what they think on healthy treats.


Why does this help?

This is at the very beginning of any affiliate marketer. It is the building block. Ask yourself what can you take from it? Well you know lots about them already. They care about the welfare of their dog. They enjoy walking and have friends that might also share the same values. This identifies many different things that might help you write sales copy to attract that customer in.

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4 popular niches for affiliate marketing

Finding your niche is a critical first step. Visitors to your ads or blog are looking for a solution to a problem. They can also be looking for a better life, better prospects or a new interest.

For years there has always been safe niches. Love, health and wealth. That hasn’t really changed but as we transform our lives with technology, social media and more travel. Niches such as pet care and gadgets are emerging to be just as popular and micro niches within them can be a profitable choice.

Lifestyle and wellness

We all want to be healthier, fitter and live longer. That will always be the case and from time to time, we all look for the best way to do this. Research shows that $4.5 Trillion is spent on wellness in the world. Clearly this is popular no matter where you live or your social status. The reach of products, technology and information has transformed the industry. 

More and more of us are informed through blogs and news through digital and traditional mediums. That is where you can have your slice of the market. Micro niches within them, suited to a problem people have and your interest, make a great combination. Running, home fitness, weight lifting for weight loss, outdoor swimming are just a few.

Wellness can also come in the form of reviewing websites/blog. Another popular way of getting traffic or subscribers. Reviews of remedies, medicines or lifestyle choices can all help make a decision for someone. Though having an interest is essential in this. You don’t want to give advice that is dangerous or harmful. Be careful not to promote things that might not be correct (like all topics) as this could not be ethical or safe.

Lifestyle could also encompass changing your habits. There is a wealth of information out there, But good coaching based on your experiences could have a positive effect on someone else.

Ideas for lifestyle wellness blogs

  • Better interviews
  • Exercising at home
  • Reviewing fitness equipment
  • Lifestyle coaching for a better life
  • Helping with diets and nutrition for over 40s



Gadgets and technology that makes our lives easier are a popular niche. As technology has developed over the years, we are craving new, exciting adaptations all the time. The iPhone came out in 2007 and since then the likes of Apple has brought a wealth of new exciting products to the market.

Having a niche in technology is always going to be popular. WIthin the niche, you can find many variants:

  • Mobile phone reviews
  • Electric bikes
  • Home gadgets reviews
  • Japanese technology
  • PC gaming and/or builds


A review blog is a great source of finding new technologies to showcase. Using YouTube you can even show viewers real time just how great the technology is.

A good way to find a niche within technology is to look through computer, photography and gadgets magazines. See what they are reviewing. You may enjoy computers, and within that are many different types, builds and manufacturers.

Websites such as are very popular and earns commission through the click throughs to Amazon.

E Scooters are very popular. The topics within that for a blog or social media are endless. Reviews, tips, tricks and general maintenance or upgrades. They can all give the customer insight and something interesting to watch. 


Finance & making money

This is arguably one of the biggest sectors for affiliate marketing. Insurance brokers, credit card providers and banking are some of the biggest affiliate marketers. For many years comparison websites have grown to become household names offering better deals for your energy along with switching providers.

Within that are people wanting to make money online. Wanting a better life by having the freedom to choose what they want to do. Helping others by sourcing the best ways to make money, save money or even spend money are all helpful. As mentioned before in other blogs, you have to find a solution to a problem. This often fast-paced industry can give great returns.

Ideas for personal finance affiliate niches

  • Best credit card providers
  • Saving money advice
  • How to switch energy providers
  • Banking product comparisons


Pet Care

The global pet market is worth roughly $223bn in 2020. Pet care is clearly big business. We love our pets like a family member and as such, spend like it too. The niches within the industry are far reaching. You can go from dog food to cat harnesses and still find many products in between. 

Like most marketing niches, the more refined the better. Reptiles, particular breeds of dog or cat, horses etc. They all have micro niches within them where people will often have a question they need answering.

Affiliate marketing Ideas include

  • Reptile care
  • Dog groomer finder
  • Cat nutrition
  • Keeping tortoises


Within these you can find even more niches that you are interested in and know there are people with the same enthusiasm.


Monetizing your blog
Finding the best affiliate links is crucial. Emails are a staple part of affiliate marketing and popular. Having a list of people to market to is a solid way to broaden your reach.

Social media is a must in some form. Broadcasting frequently is key and ensures the quality is always there to cut through the rest of the traffic.

Paid ads have sculpted the landscape and are a useful choice for distinguishing the segments of your target market. Done correctly and with some thought, it is a good investment.



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